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Bonding with


Baby Massage

Rosie Parker has a Teaching Certificate in

Developmental Baby Massage and is a Level 3 Early Years Practitioner at the LCT Nursery where she works with babies. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of baby massage with others and delivering the service in the community.

The benefits of Baby Massage


  • During baby massage the natural love  hormone is produced (Oxytocin) encouraging closeness and contentment between parent and  baby.

  • Babies feel protected and loved.

  • Massage strengthens the immune system and helps baby breathe deeper-absorbing more oxygen for less effort.

  • Massage assists digestion, relaxes the tummy and encourages feelings of tranquility.

  • Parents have the opportunity to make friends and provide support for each other.



If you would like to book onto one of our baby massage courses please contact Rosie using the contact  

Before you book your course


  • Your baby must have had their 6wk– 8wk health check.


  • You must carry out a skin test on your babies arm with the oil you intend to use, at least 24 hours before you attend the course.


What you will need

  • 2 small towels

  • Changing mat

  • Its recommended that you use a base oil e.g. Olive oil (light yellow oil), Grapeseed oil or Sunflower oil (organic only)


"A fantastic and friendly atmosphere. Me and my baby love coming to baby massage. I have a relaxed and happy baby after".

"Very professional and relaxed atmosphere".

“Friendly, relaxing environment for bonding time with baby".

"Nice social group, relaxed place to come out to, bonding with baby".

"This is the second time we have done baby massage and we love it. It’s lovely to have some one on one time with my baby whilst learning new skills".

"Rosie is fab with mum's and babies".

"Been great to relax and spend quality bonding time with my baby. Plus it’s been a massive bonus to learn how to help relieve constipation".

"Lovely one on one time and relaxing".

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