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I like to play with the Kinex as it is easy to put away and play with. I love to build crazy and wacky things with my friends” Hayden Y2

“I like cooking. I like going outside. I like building dens in the woods”. Isobel Y2

Alice is the After school Club Leader. She plans activities with the children based on their interests. Our club provides a stimulating and relaxing environment where children can let off steam or just read a book.

However they are still learning important life skills whilst here:

  • Good manners (especially at the table)

  • Supporting their school buddies (cutting up their food where necessary)

  • Sharing their skills with others (building confidence  & recognising self worth)

  • Preparing & Cooking Tea (utensil skills)

  • Practical Math's (mathematical language)

  • Discover new foods & flavours (comfortable & confidence building to try new foods)

After School Club is run in two sessions

3pm – 4.30pm and 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Children can be booked in for either session or both, and we can 

accommodate children who attend clubs at school.

A light tea is served every evening and the children are encouraged to help both with the preparation, cooking and clearing away afterwards.  For those children who come only to the later session a tea is cooked and kept for them.

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