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Diverse Kindergarten

Hatchlings and Little Lizards


Nursery Leader

My name is Rosie. I have been a Childcare Practitioner for 17 years at LCT. I am Room Lead in the Nursery Room (under 3’s). The children learn through play, whether it’s making sandcastles, threading pasta or squidging jelly. We do lots of singing and you will hear us at pick up time singing our goodbye song.



We are the babies of the setting, and we are aged from 0 to 18 months.  We are just discovering the world in our safe and enabling space at the nursery, although we quite like mixing with the Little Lizards as well.  The Little Lizard Team invest in their relationships with our parents to make sure all our personal needs are understood and accommodated, so that we can get on with being happy and growing.


Little Lizards

We are the toddlers and Rising 3 year olds.  We are supported by a team led by Rosie Parker, who helps us all to learn through nurturing and fun indoor and outdoor activities as we grow into pre-school children.  In our room we focus physical and sensory play, communication and language, and learning about ourselves and others through sharing books, stories and resources together.  The Little Lizard Team work closely with health visitors and other professionals as needed, so we can all get off to the right start.  We love meeting new friends from different sorts of families and backgrounds and celebrating local and cultural celebrations.

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