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Tesco blue Tokens


From now until the end of March you can use the blue tokens from Tesco to vote for our Groovy Lizards project.

We call our in-house sessions Groovy Lizards and run them in both the Nursery and Pre-school rooms as part of our normal session times. This shows children and parents how creative and sensory play can be an integral and supportive part of a wider curriculum. Every week there is a special certificate for children who have especially benefitted from the sessions, and they get to become ‘Lizard of the Week!’

The highlights of our musical calendar are our Christmas Play and the end of Summer Town Carnival when the children can show the whole town what how much music means to them.

As you can imagine our current resources have done us proud but now need to be retired. To enable us to continue to delight and share all of our term time and holiday club children we would truly benefit from some new musical resources

In Early Years, creative play is central to children’s learning and development as they explore the world around them. Through music and movement children learn to develop self esteem and self-confidence, personal self-expression, listening and communicating skills, language skills through song, counting, and gross and fine motor control. They also have a really fun time with our in-house Groovy Lizard session leaders! Music and movement is for children of all ages, and is inclusive and accessible for children of all differing and additional needs.

We would like to raise funds to buy new musical instruments for the Nursery Room and the Pre-School room so that children can continue to learn and grow through music and movement.