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“ I love playing with all my friends and I love to read a book. I like all the breakfast that they give us and I love all the toys. The jokes are great to tell. The cosy corner is great for reading books.

I love breakfast club”  Rose Y5

"There are lots of games, breakfast is nice. There are hudls.

You can colour in. There are other children." Cara Y5

The fully qualified staff provide a friendly, fun and safe environment before school. The children can socialise with friends while eating a healthy breakfast.

"I like breakfast club because it is so fun and you get yummy breakfast. You can play loads of different games and every adult is so friendly." Heather Y5

Our popular breakfast club runs every morning starting at 8.00 am and it’s available for all nursery and school age children. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we ensure that the children are offered a variety of nutritious options. These include; cereals, porridge, toast, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, milk, diluted apple juice or water to drink. After they have eaten they can choose a range of activities they wish to take part in e.g. games, Lego, role-play, Kinex and drawing.

The junior children leave our building as soon as the school classroom doors are open. The infants are safely escorted to their classroom at 8.45am, where we will make sure the children are settled and happy. Any messages from the parents can also be passed onto the class teacher.

Breakfast Club is open from

8.00 - 9.00am, Monday to Friday.


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