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Preschool Class

Lively Lizard's


Pre-School, After School Club, and Chameleon Club Leader

Hi I'm Alice, I teach Lively Lizards in the Pre-School Room. I have grown up around music and sports, being involved in local pantomimes and drama groups as well as being a part of school sports teams. I have coached cheerleading to children and adults and I am involved in an adult cheerleading/gymnastic class.


Pre-School Evironment

The Pre-School room offers a safe and secure environment where children are encouraged to become independent learners. Children really thrive on routine and structure. We offer consistency through key workers who build close relationships with the children and their families. 


We provide a range of sensory activities tailored to the children’s needs and interests. We also use activities to encourage self-confidence and communication skills. We, as keyworkers understand that all our children have various learning styles and we ensure all these are accommodated  for within the room. 

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Reception Integration

We have a close relationship with the reception teachers at St Michaels School. During the summer term, they visit us and take part in some play sessions.

Transition To Primary

The keyworkers are also available to visit the classrooms with the children to allow for a smooth transition. We also work alongside other local primary schools, offering the  teachers the chance to work with their new pupils.


Open 08:00 - 18:00 
Monday - Friday

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