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Kids Running



Senior Educational Practitioner

Hi, my name is Yvonne. I have worked at LCT since 2009, progressing from Room Lead in the Pre-School room to Deputy Manager. I focus on working with small groups of children, concentrating on numeracy and phonics (sound awareness). I aid practitioners in early identification of children who might need additional support to realise their potential.

I also keep everyone safe at our setting, and help parents keep children safe at home.


Healthy Movers 

Healthy Movers is a new program about physical literacy and promoting health and active learners. It encourages and promotes physical activity, whilst helping to improve confidence, social skills, language, and literacy. We use simple fun activities which help to build and strengthen the children's muscles. In the long term, this will help the children with everyday skills that they will need throughout their lives.

The activity cards that we work through will be linked to all the activities we do throughout the dat. They will also spark the childrens imagination and the children will have so much fun taking part.


Wake and Shake

This is part of our daily practice in all rooms of our setting.  First thing after morning registration we all have a music and movement session so the children are ready for the day.  Wake and Shake is also part of the St Michaels school routine, which many of our children will go to.

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