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Groovy Lizards

In our Groovy Lizards sessions, we love exploring a range of different musical instruments in small groups once a week. Our children enjoy singing together, building their self confidence and self esteem with music. We focus on children's interests and encourage fine and gross motor skills as well encouraging skills such as listening, attention, knowledge and socialization.

Lively Lizards

Through Lively Lizards we plan activities where children are able to practice moving in different ways, speeds and balancing. We provide a spacious area where we can give the children energetic yet structured play. This helps children to develop their gross motor skills as well as listening and attention skills.

Safeguarding, Focussed Small Group Work & Phonics

Hi, my name is Yvonne. I have worked at LCT for 12 years, progressing from Room Lead in the Pre-School room to Deputy Manager. I focus on working with small groups of children, concentrating on numeracy and phonics (sound awareness). I aid practitioners in early identification of children who might need additional support to realise their potential.

I also keep everyone safe at our setting, and help parents keep children safe at home.

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